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JHS Wins District UIL Academic Contest for 5th Consecutive Year

The Joshua High School UIL Academic Team won their 5th CONSECUTIVE District Championship!

joshua high uil academic team members

The group scored a total of 742 points, and were 338 points clear of the second-place team last week at the district meet, hosted at JHS and other district campuses.

trophies and medals

This is the Owls 11th District Championship in the last 15 years (Joshua was the runner-up the other four years.)

Individual Results (By Category)


5th Place-Tibor Hollmann

6th-Keith Thomchesson

Calculator Applications

2nd-Luke Breedlove

5th-Thania Contreras

6th-Jaxon Dial

Current Issues

3rd Place-Rehder Myhre

5th-Will Vass

6th-Alejandro Prieto

Computer Applications

1st Place-Gabriel Cole

3rd-William Vass

4th-Zachary Boydston

Copy Editing

1st Place-Fiyinfoluwa Olajide

2nd Place-Reagan Walker

Computer Science

1st Place-Jaxon Dial

2nd Place-Kaitlyn Tyk

3rd Place-Caleb Carr

4th Place-Caleb Michaud

Editorial Writing

1st Place-Fiyinfoluwa Olajide

2nd-Mofoluwake Olajide

3rd-Reagan Walker

Feature Writing

1st Place-Nick Smith

2nd-Reagan Walker

3rd-Fiyinfoluwa Olajide

Headline Writing

1st Place-Mofoluwake Olajide

2nd-Caroline Moffiitt

4th-Khloe Rockwell

Informative Speaking

1st-Trinity Box

2nd-Vivian Bivens

3rd-Alejandro Prieto

Lincoln Douglas Debate

3rd-Anthony McDaniel

4th-William Vass

5th-Joseph Aguirre

6th-Melody Sanchez

Literary Criticism

1st-Brianna Schooler

4th-Trinity Pena


2nd-Luke Breedlove

4th-Jaxon Dial

Number Sense

3rd-Jaxon Dial

4th-Luke Breedlove

5th-Jaedon Cox

News Writing

1st-Fiyinfoluwa Olajide

2nd-Nick Smith

3rd-Caroline Moffiitt

Persuasive Speaking

4th-Eric Dipert

4th-Anthony McDaniel

Poetry Interpretation

3rd-Caleb Carr

Prose Interpretation

4th-Cassidy Clancy

Ready Writing

1st-Fiyinfoluwa Olajide

3rd-Brianna Schooler

6th-Mofoluwake Olajide


3rd-Caleb Michaud

5th-Jaxon Dial

Social Studies

2nd-Aiden Gresham

4th-Logan LeBeau

5th-Rehder Myhre

Spelling and Vocabulary

1st-Hunter Marks

3d-Jason Grubbs

5-Reagan Walker

spelling and vocabulary team

Team Events

Accounting-2nd Place

Calculator Applications-2nd

Current Issues-1st

current issues team

Computer Science-1st

computer science team

Cross-Examination Debate-1st, 2nd, and 4th

debate team


journalism team

Literary Criticism-2nd


Number Sense-2nd

One-Act Play-Tie for 1st

one act play team


Social Studies-2nd


Spelling and Vocabulary-1st