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JHS Students Total 40 Regional Medals, 1 Area Medal at VASE Competition

Joshua High School was well-represented at the Visual Arts Scholastic Event on Saturday, February 26, 2022. The event was hosted by the Texas Art Education Association.

JHS totaled 40 regional medals and one area medal that is heading to the state competition in April. Sophomore Grace Wright will compete at state for her Dragon sculpture. 

dragon sculpture

Other students that earned a regional medal are listed below, along with a picture of their artwork. 

Alex Hughes

painting by alex hughes

Alex Priest 1

painting by alex priest

Alex Priest 2

painting by alex priest

Brenden Beydler

painting by brenden beydler

Eryn Al Yasiri 1


Eryn Al Yasiri 2

painting by eryn al yasiri

Daniel Cooper

sculpture by daniel cooper

Fiyin Olajide

painting by fiyin olajide

Gracee Dunn 1

painting by gracee dunn

Gracee Dunn 2

Gracee Dunn painting 2

Graycen Rasmussen

pottery by graycen rasmussen

Greyson Martin

painting by greyson martin

Ian Wyatt

painting by ian wyatt

Kai Sherman

painting by kai sherman

Kylie Keeler

painting by kylie keeler

Logan Le Beau

painting by logan le beau

Masen Ellis

painting by masen ellis

Michaela Stewart

art by michaela stewart

Reagan Walker

painting by reagan walker

Roxie Randolph

painting by roxie randolph

Ryleigh Trogdon

painting by ryleigh trogdon

Trinity Pena

painting by trinity pena

Madison Brown

drawing by madison brown

Robert Brown

drawing by robert brown

Daniell Ingram

drawing by daniell ingram

Daniell Ingram 2

drawing by daniell ingram

Vivian Rogers

painting by vivian rogers

Laurel Jacobs

painting by laurel jacobs

Jessica Jones

painting by jessica jones

Jessica Jones 2

jessica jones painting 2

Alexis Oyler

drawing by alexis oyler

Addison Zelazny

painting by addison zelazny

Conway McCain

painting by conway mccain

Ryland Aguzzi

drawing by ryland aguzzi

Samantha Spalding

painting by samantha spalding

Carter Trahan

drawing by carter trahan

Folu Olajide

painting by folu olajide

Mary Stiles

painting by mary stiles

Sophia Bustillos

painting by sophia bustillos