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Attention Senior Parents

Attention Senior Parents

Class of 2020
It’s almost time again to start booking senior yearbook portraits! JHS uses Glamourcraft Photography for both underclassman and senior portraits. Senior portraits are taken at the Glamourcraft senior studio in Fort Worth during the summer up until October/November (we have not yet set a deadline).


To schedule an appointment to have your senior’s yearbook portrait taken, please visit The studio code you will enter will be “8172928989”


Photos are free of charge but are available for purchase. You do not have to pay for your child to be in the yearbook; However, they MUST be in school dress code, or they will not be featured in the yearbook. This means:

-          No unnatural hair colors

-          Boys’ hair must be no longer than the bottom of a dress shirt collar and no longer than the top of the eyebrows

-          No facial hair other than a mustache

-          No facial piercings

-          Only females may wear earrings 


If you have any questions about the school dress code, here is a link you may click on to read the policy (on pages 49-50) District Student Handbook