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LMS and NMS cheerleaders earn UCA All-American honors

June 22, 2023

LMS and NMS cheerleaders earn UCA All-American honors

Earlier this week, the Loflin Middle School and Nichols Middle School cheer squads partnered to host a United Cheerleading Association "Build Your Own" Home Camp! The camp allowed the cheerleaders to improve their foundational skills for the high school level. 

UCA instructors taught the cheerleaders stunting skills, pyramid building, jumps and sharpening their motions while cheering. During the three-day camp, the middle school squads also learned several cheers, a sideline chant, a game day routine and a dance routine. 

At the end of the camp, the UCA instructors handed out awards and chose up to five members from each squad as All-American Cheerleaders. To be selected for this honor, cheerleaders, who voluntarily tried out, individually performed their best jump, the sideline routine and the dance routine. Those who displayed the best technical prowess earned the All-American designation.  

All-American Cheerleaders have the opportunity to perform at special events such as the Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day Parade and the Orlando Thanksgiving Tour at Walt Disney World!

LMS All-American Cheerleaders LMS and NMS cheerleaders earn UCA All-American honors

Chandler Quinn
Paisley Garcia
Kenzee Evans
Mattisyn Munday
Sawyer Grundy

NMS All-American Cheerleaders

Markie Lain
Lexi White
Alayla Dias
Mady Taylor

Congratulations to the All-American Cheerleaders and all the camp participants for improving!