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JHS powerlifter wins State Championship

March 28, 2023

JHS powerlifter wins State Championship Header

After lifting 1,670 total pounds during the competition, lifting the State Championship medal over his head was pretty easy for Joshua High School’s Jacob Simpkins.

Simpkins squatted 700 pounds and bench-pressed 390 pounds, both personal bests, and dead-lifted 580 pounds on his way to becoming the state’s best lifter in the 181 weight class! He beat his closest competitor by 90 pounds. 

Simpkins came into the State competition after finishing first at Regionals. 

Braylen Galbreath also competed at the State competition and posted a squat personal record of 535 pounds in the 165 weight class. 

The Lady Owl powerlifters had two student-athletes finish in the top 5 of their respective weight classes at their State competition on Saturday, March 18! 

Kendall Criner placed fourth with a 290-pound squat, a 165-pound bench press and a 240-pound dead lift for a total of 695 pounds. 

Maddi Valles lifted a total of 950 pounds to finish fifth in her weight class. She squatted 425 pounds, benched 185 pounds and put up 340 pounds in the dead lift.