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Joshua ISD Board Approves 3.5% Midpoint Raise for All Staff, $60,000 Teacher Starting Salary

During the regularly-scheduled May 2022 meeting on Monday, the Joshua ISD Board of Trustees unanimously approved pay increases for all staff for the 2022-2023 school year. 

All staff will receive a 3.5% midpoint raise of the pay scale. A 3.5% midpoint raise for teachers is $2,173. With the 3.5% midpoint pay increase, Joshua ISD’s first year teachers will start at $60,000 per year. 

In addition to the 3.5% midpoint raise, teachers will receive retention pay depending on years of teaching experience completed for the 2022-2023 school year.

• In addition to the 3.5% raise, teachers who have completed 5 years of experience (step 5 through step 9) will receive an additional $1,000 increment increase. 

• In addition to the 3.5% raise, teachers who have completed 10 years of experience (step 10 through step 19) will receive an additional $1,500 increment increase.

• In addition to the 3.5% raise, teachers who have completed 20 years of experience (step 20 and up) will receive an additional $2,000 increment increase. 

Teacher working with student

”Our employees have gone through a trying period of time the last two years,” said Board President Ronnie Galbreath. “We want to reward and keep our staff. They continue to do a great job. We want to keep them here and encourage other teachers to come here.”

Additionally, the Joshua ISD Board of Trustees has added Behavioral Health through Telehealth in efforts to support the mental health of all employees and their families. This is at no charge to the employees. This service will allow employees to call a licensed counselor at home, work or on the go 24/7. 

The Board also unanimously approved leaving TRS Active Care in December 2021. This yields substantial cost savings to our employees of $58 per month for the most commonly used plan with an out of pocket max savings of $4,000 for the individual and $5,000 for the family. 

Joshua ISD offers several employer paid benefits:

• $300 towards health insurance

• Telehealth for the entire family

• Behavioral Health for the entire family 

• Hospital Indemnity Plan

• Basic Life Insurance

• Employee Assistance program

• Up to 10 days of paid bereavement leave a year 

Joshua ISD offers a $1,000 stipend for a Master’s degree for teachers and a $2,000 stipend for teachers who have earned a doctorate degree. All bilingual teachers receive a $5,000 bilingual stipend in addition to many additional stipends for extra duties for staff. 

The substitute pay scale is also being adjusted for non-degreed from $85 to $90 per day, degreed from $95 to $100 per day, and certified from $105 to $110 per day. 

The Joshua ISD Board of Trustees strives to be the most competitive amongst salaries in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex in both compensation and benefits. Joshua ISD was recently awarded a competitive grant with the Texas Education Agency to employ a Strategic Compensation Coordinator who will work to strategically continue to expand and develop the district’s compensation and benefits for all district staff. Additionally, the district’s application has been accepted for the Teacher Incentive Allotment.

JISD was ranked #3 in the United Educator’s Association’s Teacher Turnover Rate report for the 2020-21 school year at only 9.10 percent. The data includes 43 districts from across North Texas, and also includes data from the Texas Education Agency’s 2020-21 Texas Academic Performance Report (TAPR).