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JISD Launches Let's Talk! Communication Tool to Assist Community

Joshua ISD is excited to unveil of a new communications solution to


deliver on its promise of providing excellent customer service for all




The district has partnered with K12 Insight to launch Let's Talk!,


giving parents, students, teachers and staff, and community


residents a safe, reliable way to reach district leaders whenever they


need them throughout the school year.



lets talk logo


The technology can be accessed on the JISD homepage under the


Contact Us tab, or on a smartphone or tablet by downloading the


Let's Talk! app.


"Let's Talk! is user-friendly for students, staff, parents and other


community members," said JISD Superintendent Fran Marek.


"Providing two-way communication is crucial for school districts. This


gives us a new channel to help streamline all questions, concerns


and compliments into one efficient system, while delivering accurate


information to our community."


In addition to streamlining communication, Let’s Talk! features a


backend dashboard with real-time metrics, including average


response time and customer feedback score, allowing administrators


to better measure the quality of service provided by the district and


its schools.


"Our goal is to have a response in one business day for each


dialogue that comes in," said JISD Director of Communications


Zoheb Hassanali. "This is another tool that district and campus


leaders can utilize to strengthen the trust with parents, students,


staff, and others."


How does Let's Talk work?


On the JISD Let's Talk site or mobile app, visitors can click on 31


different Interest Areas broken down into four main categories:


Operations, Classroom & Curriculum, Campuses, and Report




Once an Interest Area is selected, visitors can then choose if they


have a question, concern, comment, suggestion, or a compliment.


They will then type a subject and enter their message, similar to an




Visitors will then be asked if they are a parent, student, JISD


employee, or commmunity member, and will be asked to submit


their contact information. Visitors can choose to enter both email


and phone, or email only. Let's Talk! also offers anonymous


dialogues, however, the district will not be able to respond to


anonymous dialogues if no contact information is provided.


Once the dialogue is submitted, visitors will receive a message that


it has been sent and that they should get a response in one business


day. The dialogue will go to the district/campus administrator that


can best respond. Once a dialogue is answered, the visitor will


receive an email to complete a feedback score on response time.