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2022-23 Safety and Security Update

As we get closer to the start of the new school year, Joshua ISD would like to inform the community of recent safety updates and changes within our school district. With the 2022-2023 school year approaching, we want to communicate that safety is our top priority.


  • This summer, the JISD School Board made the decision for the addition of school police officers at every campus. JISD will now have a full force of officers (10 in total).
  • In addition to school officers, the JISD School Board made the decision for the addition of school safety patrol monitors at every campus. Their role will include the patrolling of our school buildings both the interior and the exterior, along with daily exterior door checks. JISD is currently in the process of hiring these monitors.


  • Joshua ISD is currently collecting information on the school marshal program. This program allows carefully selected, trained and vetted staff members to carry a concealed weapon while at school after completing extensive training provided by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE).
    • The names of the “marshals” will remain confidential and they will be under the training and supervision of the Chief of Police.
    • Once the program is established, signage indicating this new program will be placed near the entrances of our buildings.
    • Due to the amount of training needed and other requirements, our goal is to have this program fully implemented at the start of the 2023-2024 school year.


  • Our maintenance department and administrative staff will continue to evaluate our doors and entrances for improvements and make changes if needed.
    • All campuses are equipped with electronic door access and visitors must be buzzed into the building by office staff.
  • The Texas Education Agency has announced they will be sending out audit teams this fall to evaluate our facilities as well.
  • Additionally, the district will be conducting our standard triennial security audit tasked by Edwards Risk Management and other administrative staff this school year.
    • Security audits consist of evaluating campus procedures, ensuring doors are secure, ensuring systems are working properly and other safety measures.


  • JISD plans to continue implementing safety procedures such as continuing education, running drills, and emergency response training for staff; as well as preparing for student reunification—a systematic process used by school districts to effectively reunite students with parents and guardians during a crisis or emergency.
    • JISD officers have completed or are currently in the process of completing Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response training (ALERRT).
    • All new teachers and staff complete Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events training (CRASE) during professional development.
    • All secondary students are required to wear ID badges
    • All staff are required to display their staff parking pass in the window of their vehicle.
  • All campuses have updated Multi-hazard Emergency Operation Plans (EOP) and review these annually with all staff. Please note, to protect against those who would do harm, we do not release specific information on our emergency plans.
  • In addition, JISD and local Johnson County school districts are working in conjunction with Johnson County law enforcement agencies to develop an active threat response protocol that would align all responding agencies.


  • JISD has implemented a threat assessment protocol, which includes a threat assessment team at both the district level and campus level.
    • Members of these teams receive training from the Texas School Safety Center.
    • The members of this committee are tasked with identifying “threats” and working as a team to find appropriate solutions for the situation.
    • Additionally, the JISD District Safety Committee consists of local law enforcement, parents, teachers, and board members who will be meeting on August 4th to discuss ways that we can improve our safety and security protocols.


  • Joshua ISD continues to utilize the Standard Response Protocol (SRP) provided by the Texas School Safety Center in partnership with the I Love U Guys Foundation  as our emergency response procedures for all schools and facilities district-wide.
  • This protocol helps foster a safe learning and working environment for our students and staff.
  • Standard Response Protocol (SRP) procedures are clearly displayed in every classroom across the district.

We appreciate your support as we look forward to a great and safe school year!