• Class of 2020

    Graduation Parent and Senior Information Letter - May 2020

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    Dear Seniors and Senior Parents:


    Congratulations to each of you during this important time of your life.  Graduation from high school is a milestone that should be surrounded with happiness, celebration, and reflection.  The graduation ceremony provides graduates, their families, and faculty members the opportunity to recognize each of you in a joyous and dignified manner.  As we prepare for this event, I remind you of important guidelines.    


    Graduation ceremonies for the Class of 2020 will be held at 8:00 pm on Saturday, June 6th, in Joshua High School Owl Stadium.  Seniors should report to the north side end zone to receive further instruction by 6:30 pm.  Every graduate will receive 5 “family pod” tickets; each pod will contain copies of the program.   Pods will be marked and staff will be on hand to assist you in finding your family’s pod.  As you enter the stadium, all graduates will be given a mask bearing the “OWL STAR” which must remain on for the duration of the evening.  All family who do not bring their own will be issued a mask as well, which should also remain on for the duration of the evening.  In case of inclement weather, an alternate schedule will be announced.  


    This occasion is one of the most important events in any person’s life, and as such, should be conducted with dignity and respect.  We ask that each senior and his or her guests help us provide the kind of ceremony that will make all of us proud.  Your cooperation is respectfully requested. 


    The following guidelines should be used when getting ready for graduation: 


    1. Seniors should be in attire that reflects the dignity of this ceremony and will remain properly dressed the entire ceremony. In light of many store closures, we understand that you may not have had time to adequately shop for your senior’s graduation wardrobe. Therefore, the guidelines being adhered to are as follows:
      1. Boys must be clean-shaven; hair must be in dress code; and no piercings.
      2. Dresses and skirts must be of an appropriate length.
      3. Students may not wear shorts or flip-flops.
    2. This year only, seniors MAY decorate their caps within the following guidelines:

    Nothing vertical – must be flat, NO lights, no sound, or 3D flowers.  NO explicit or vulgar language or implications.  You may only have the official post-secondary logo the graduate is attending, military insignia, or meaningful quote.  The majority of the mortarboard must remain blue. 


    1. Seniors should not consume any alcoholic drink or illegal drugs prior to the activities.
    2. Seniors should refrain from disruptive or improper actions of any kind.


    We would ask that the audience help us maintain a dignified ceremony by following these guidelines:

    1. Refrain from indiscriminate cheering, boos, catcalls, air horns, or other inappropriate actions.
    2. No balloons allowed in the stadium; they keep others from seeing the ceremony.
    3. Joshua High School and Owl Stadium are smoke-free facilities, this includes E-Cigarettes.
    4. A professional photographer will take pictures of each senior who crosses the stage, and the pictures will be available for purchase. We ask that guests remain seated at all times during the ceremony.  Standing will obstruct the view of others. 
    5. At the conclusion of the ceremony, please remain standing until all graduates have exited the field. The ushers will release your family pod, at which time you must immediately leave the stadium and school grounds.  Pictures MAY NOT be taken inside the stadium or school grounds. 


    The graduation ceremony is the culminating event in the educational process we have shared with each student.  It should be a meaningful experience that we can all remember with pride.  We look forward to graduation night and we appreciate your support.  Once again, Congratulations CLASS OF 2020.  You may pick up your diploma on Tuesday, June 9th between the hours of 10:00 and 12:00 through the pick-up line in front of JHS. 

    Celeste Neal





     Attention Senior Parents - August 2019

    It’s almost time again to start booking senior yearbook portraits! JHS uses Glamourcraft Photography for both underclassman and senior portraits. Senior portraits are taken at the Glamourcraft senior studio in Fort Worth during the summer up until October/November (we have not yet set a deadline).


    To schedule an appointment to have your senior’s yearbook portrait taken, please visit www.glamourcraft.com. The studio code you will enter will be “8172928989”


    Photos are free of charge but are available for purchase. You do not have to pay for your child to be in the yearbook; However, they MUST be in school dress code, or they will not be featured in the yearbook. This means:

    -          No unnatural hair colors

    -          Boys’ hair must be no longer than the bottom of a dress shirt collar and no longer than the top of the eyebrows

    -          No facial hair other than a mustache

    -          No facial piercings

    -          Only females may wear earrings 


    If you have any questions about the school dress code, here is a link you may click on to read the policy (on pages 49-50) District Student Handbook



    Senior yearbook tributes (ads)

    • To purchase an ad, visit www.yearbookordercenter.com
    • Enter the code: 1892
    • You or a parent or guardian may upload photos and create your own ad online
    • The last day to create and purchase an ad is May 1, 2020
    • Prices for ads:
      • Quarter page: $35
      • Half page: $65
      • Full page: $110