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    How would you like to be a part of The Hoot? The are many ways in which you can contribute to The Hoot. You can take part in the surveys that are provided below, provide story ideas for the next show, or you may even contribute a video story for use on our show. 


    Please be a part of our show and take the survey of the week. Answers to surveys will be used in The Hoot news stories. Surveys are anonymous unless stated otherwise.


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    Story Ideas

    Submist Story Ideas Here



    If you have video or photos to share for a story please share them with me, Angela Seibold, through Google Drive. You may send us a completed video story or just the information for the story. 


    Share video story using the link below. You may send a video or a link to a shared video story.

    Emial Address: The Hoot - Joshua HS