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Comp Day Training

  • March 29, 2024 Comp Day These hours will be earned by completing the 6 hours of compliance training at Region 11.  See the Compliance Training link.  
  • April 1, 2024 Comp Day All campus and central office instructional and clerical staff must earn six hours of comp time for this day.  Specifics on how the six hours may be earned depends on job description outlined in the April 1, 2024Comp Day Training Plan document link below.  

    The six hours of training for this comp day can begin on June 3, 2023 and must be completed by December 20, 2023.  

  • Procedure for Credit Earned without a Certificate Provided: If the time is earned by working events such as registration, proof of residency, etc., or for any training that does not provide a certificate to document credit earned, completion of this time will be documented by the campus principal or department supervisor. The Google Spreadsheet populated via the Google Form will be used to generate a certificate that will be provided to the employee for uploading into their portfolio.

Directions for Credit for Outside Professional Development in Eduphoria Strive

If you wish to add an entry to your portfolio in Eduphoria for a session held outside of JISD (i.e. training at ESC 11, summer conferences, etc.) do the following:

  • Log into Eduphoria with your district username and password
  • Select the “Strive” application
  • Select "My Professional Learning" on the left side of the screen
  • Click on the "Portfolio"  in the top middle of the screen
  • Click on "My Portfolio" under Registration and Portfolio
  • Click on "Add New Portfolio Entry" in the bottom left corner
  • Follow the steps in the wizard.
    • What type entry:  Select Outside workshop or conference
    • Title:  Be sure to include title and details about the event and select the appropriate day(s), start and end times.
    • Credit Types:  You MUST select Comp Day Training and you may also select CPE, GT, or Technology, if applicable.  
    • Attach certificates of completion, if available.
    • Click Finish.