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    Conference period  is 3rd period 10:03 to 10:48
    Tutoring is available most mornings at 7:30 and after school, please make an appointment 

    Class Rules and Procedures:

    Be prompt
    Be prepared
    Be polite
    Be responsible






    World Geography and Honors World Geography 


    Course Requirements

    Course Description: World Geography provides students the opportunity to study the interaction of people and their physical environment in the major areas of the World.  Content introduces the student to the world of geographers, their unique vocabulary, tools and methodologies.  Students acquire an understanding of the physical setting of the earth, locate and study different landforms and regions of the world, learn how people and geography impact each other, and are introduced to urban analysis.  Content offers students the opportunity to put into practice the geographical concepts and skills through critical thinking applications about the work.  It also builds upon what the students have accumulated throughout the social studies program beginning in the elementary grades and in the Texas and United States history courses.

    Materials Needed:


    • Map Pencils 8-12 count
    • 3 ring binder, 1”-2” and dividers
    • Something to write with (pen or pencil) and something to write on (spiral notebook or loose leaf paper)

    Grading Policy:

    • Test/Essays/Major Projects-45%
    • Class Activities/Homework -45%
    • Quizzes                                  -10%

    Late Assignments:

              Classes taken at NGC are subject to JHS grading policy

    • One day late   -  15 points
    • Two days late – 30 points
    • 3-5 days late  -  50 points

    Late Assignments WILL NOT be accepted after 5 days.   They are recorded as a zero and may not be made up at a later date.  School related absences do not give the student extra time to turn in assignments. Assignments are due before the student leaves school or the day before, whichever occurs first. If the assignment is not turned in on the due date it will be one day late and will receive a 15 point deduction. If a student is absent due to illness then the assignment is due the next day they return to school and will not receive the point deduction.

    Make-Up Tests:  In case of absence, you are required to take the test you missed the day that you return to school. Arrangements must be made with the instructor to take the test outside of class time. It is the responsibility of the student to take the test; the instructor will not remind the student. If the test is not taken on the day the student returns to class, the test will result in a zero.

    Re-taking Test: Students allowed to retake will be given a different form of the test and 70 is the highest score possible on a re-test.

    Extra Points:

    No extra credit.  Please complete your work and turn it in by the due date.


    Both the Fall and Spring Semester will include two to three separate projects.  Guidelines for these projects will be given well in advance of the project’s due date, with ample time to provide for completion.  

    Current Events:

    Students should make a serious effort to keep up with what is going on in the world and how it relates to the subject area we are studying.  Each student will be required to review a current event for one unit of study and present it to the class.  Time, Newsweek, US News & World Report, New York Times and the Washington Post are all good weekly and daily news sources to read.  And as far as TV, PBS and/or one of the national news shows at least twice a week will help the student to stay abreast of breaking news stories.

    Classroom Guidelines:

    • All school rules provided in your student handbook will be followed in this classroom.
    • Intolerant or disrespectful remarks regarding other people’s views, beliefs, opinions, culture or lifestyle is not an acceptable behavior in this classroom.
    • Come to class prepared with all materials and ready to begin work when the tardy bell rings.
    • Talking during a test/quiz is considered cheating.  The test/quiz will be taken up, and the student will receive a zero.  Parents will be notified.


    Tutoring will be available upon the student’s request.  Let me know in advance.  I arrive by 7:30 most mornings and I am available after school.


    After reviewing the information, please provide your signature on the letter and your student’s signature indicating you and your student understand the requirements for this course.  Please update your Skyward email address, I use it for announcements and reminders.  Please call me if you have any questions or concerns.  Thank you for your time and I look forward to a productive and enjoyable year with your student.