• Welcome to 4th Grade Math & Science!
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    817.202.2500 ext. 1659
    Conference Time: 8:50-9:40 AM
    Please do not leave messages concerning dismissal changes. Please call directly to the office.
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    All assignments for 4th grade will be posted to the Google Classroom.  
    Friday Assignments: Students will receive a weekly Friday assignment on Mondays, with a week to complete and turn in on Fridays.  These assignments are designed to demonstrate mastery over concepts recently learned, provide additional practice, and provide comprehensive review as the year progresses.
    All assignments are due the next day unless otherwise specified.  Not all homework assignments are for a grade.  Students need practice on what they learned in class and are asked to do their best on each homework assignment.  When homework is not graded, we will go over it in class to help correct any misunderstandings.  Typically, the first homework assignments early in a unit are not ready to be graded as some concepts take multiple days to fully develop.  Please keep this in mind as you encourage your child to do their best and ask questions the next day when they may not be sure about their work.  
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    Resources -
    Android app free at the Google Play Store - Speed Multiplication - work on any of the four math operations to compete against your best time ever!  Best app I've seen for working on multiplication facts.