• Welcome to Ms. Clifton's Health Science Website

    Name: Kristi Clifton

    Email Address: cliftonk@joshuaisd.org 

    Phone Number: 817-202-2500 or 817-426-7500

    Extension: 1254

    Conference Time: 6th period 12:48-1:33


    Education Foundation Grant Recipient

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    I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to a new school year. I hope it will be both a rewarding and an exciting one for you. I believe that this is a place where you can learn a great deal about the living world that surrounds you. Additionally, I believe that we will both enjoy the learning process.


    Class Supply List:
     *Spiral Notebook

    *Writing utensil: blue or black pen, pencil

    * Highlighter

    *A way to organize papers: binder, accordion folder (may be shared with other classes)






    Class Rules and Procedures:


    1. Come on time and prepared to class every day.
    2. Start the question of the day or bell ringer activity as soon as (or before) the bell rings.
    3. If you are late, bring me your tardy slip and move directly to your seat. All tardies will be recorded. Excessive lateness will result in parental contact and further consequences.
    4. Pay attention to all instructions---I will NOT repeat directions or information if you are talking.
    5. Leave all lab equipment in its place; I will instruct you when you may use it.
    6. As per school policy, eating or drinking in class is not permitted.
    7. Clean up at the end of class. The lab tables and desks should look the same when you leave as when you came in.  
    8. Electronic devices may be used following the BYOD guidelines.



    Grading Procedures: 
               1/3 Daily Work – includes most class assignments, quizzes, notebook and reading assignments.

               1/3 Projects – includes labs and any project work. (Projects will count  as more than one lab grade.)

               1/3 Tests – at least 2 per 6 weeks. Six weeks tests will count as a test grade.

    Please see the district policy on all other grading procedures.