• Navy Junior ROTC

    Name: Master Chief Charles Linville

    Email Address: linvillec@joshuaisd.org

    Phone Number: 817-202-2500

    Extension: 1147

    Conference Time: 4th Period






    Master Chief Linville  


    Welcome to Joshua High School NJROTC!!! I am Master Chief Linville your Naval Science I instructor. I have 30 years of Navy experience that I hope to share with each cadet helping them to become a better student, cadet and citizen.
    We are a highly recognized unit, one of the top in the nation and we work hard to be who we are.

    Class Supply List:

    Each Cadet will be issued a complete NJROTC uniform to include, shirt, pants, shoes, belt, cover and neccessary uniform items. The uniform must be properly cared for and maintained.

    Each cadet must have a physical from a Doctor in order to participate in NJROTC.
    All NS1 cadets will be charged a fee of $50.00 for the year. This cost will cover the following items:

    Unit t-shirt - required for all cadets

    Uniform name tag

    Physical fitness gear, shorts and t-shirt, required for all cadets.

    Any monetary issues may be addressed with the NJROTC instructors. Do not let money keep you out of NJROTC.

    Class field trips will be taken during the year and only cadets who are passing all classes will be allowed to go. Each trip will require a parent/guardian release form.


    Class Rules and Procedures: 

    Cadet are required to wear the NJROTC uniform at specified times and maintain grooming standards to receive a passing grade. THIS IS A REQUIREMENT.

    The normal schedule is:

    Academics classes on Monday and Tuesday

    Uniform inspection on Wednesday

    Close order drill on Thursday

    Physical fitness on Friday

    Each cadet is encouraged to join one of the following teams:

    Rifle team (requires an additional ROTC class)

    Armed and Unarmed Drill Teams, (require an additional ROTC class)

    Male/female color guard team

    Physical Fitness Team

    Orienteering Team (land navigation)

    Academic Team

    Courtesy, respect and civility will be used at all times.


     Physical fitness gear (running shoes, shorts and t-shirt) are required on Fridays. We will work as a unit to attain a satisfactory fitness level. Showers are available for use after fitness is complete. Lockers/Locks and towels are provided for each cadet to use. Lockers will be assigned to each cadet.

    Grading Procedures: Grading Procedures: 33% Academic, 33% Physical Fitness, 34% Uniform