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    Jennifer Sabolchick

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    Education Foundation Grant Recipient






    The goal of the SUCCESS program is to provide proactive support for students and teachers in the most productive
    learning environment. The program assists students and teachers in the areas of behavior support, social skills, and sensory interventions. Prevention is the best intervention.



    Here is a list of infrequently used words you can draw on when you are giving positive reinforcement for a job well done. Using these words and other less common words is great for vocabulary building and it seems to make your statement more meaningful.

    1. Amazing
    2. Astonishing
    3. Brilliant
    4. Excellent
    5. Extraordinary
    6. Fabulous
    7. Fantastic
    8. Incredible
    9. Marvelous
    10. Mind-blowing (they will like this one)
    11. Out of this world (and this one)
    12. Outstanding
    13. Remarkable
    14. Spectacular
    15. Super
    16. Superb
    17. Terrific
    18. Tremendous
    19. Unbelievable
    20. Wonderful

    Thanks for reading and I hope your day is out of this world!