• Custodial Work Orders

    The organization number for the Custodial and Maintenance
    work order site "My School Building" is 615385294.
    Submittal password - joshuaisd


    Custodial Work Orders

    The Custodial Staff is your first line of defense in certain instances. Before you submit a Maintenance work order, please submit a Custodial work order to take care of the following situations:


    • Burnt out light bulbs
    • Toilets overflowing or running constantly
    • Blown breakers
    • Replacing pencil sharpeners (each campus is responsible for purchasing their pencil sharpeners)
    • Moving furniture within your campus
    • Repairing chair leg feet including feet on student desk
    • Adjusting height on tables and student desk
    • Tightening screws on furniture
    • Moving risers within your campus (except High School)
    • Putting together new furniture (small amounts)
    • Water fountains stopped up
    • Replacing any paper towel, toilet paper, hand soap, or hand sanitizer dispenser
    • Events set-ups within your own campus
    • Removing graffiti from any surface

    • Replacing wet or stained ceiling tile

    If you are ever in doubt if an item is a Custodial or Maintenance issue, just ask your Lead Custodian on your campus!


    Remember, you can generate a Custodial or Maintenance work order through the following link:




    Pick your campus location, the purpose code is custodial or maintenance, your room number or area, the craft, and a description of the problem. If you have any problems with this link, you may contact Stella Briley in her office, ext. 1361. or at brileye@joshuaisd.org


    Thank you,


    Eddie Myers

    JISD Custodial/Warehouse/Events Supervisor
    817.202.2500 ext 1359