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    Tabitha Lain

    Email Address: laint@joshuaisd.org

    Phone Numbers:

    817-202-2500  ext 1165

    Conference Time: 11:59-12:44



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    Welcome to Theatre Arts!!!




    Class Supply List:

    The items below are for everyday. Your student will also receive an additional list the first week of school.


    Paper, Markers, Pencil and Pen daily


    Technical Theatre:

    25' Tape Measure, Sewing Needles, 2 regualr size Spools of Thread, Full Size Fabric Scissors 

    Students will be asked to bring additional items for project based activities throughout the year..



    Class Rules and Procedures:

    Be respectful to others.

    Be prepared.

    Be ready to work when you enter the room.

    Do what is asked of you.

    Grading Procedures:

    50% Participation/Classwork

    50% Projects/Perfromance/Test