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    Name: Valerie Haberstroh

    Email Address: haberstrohv@joshuaisd.org

    Phone Number: 817-202-2500 or 817-426-7500

    Extension: 2049

    Conference Time: 1:34-2:19 (7th period)

    Tutoring: After school tutoring, by request

     Class Goal: By the end of the year, 100% of FCS students will meet or exceed the standards for their course (TEKS), as measured by a score of 75% or better on all unit exams and report card grades.



    Class Supply List:

    -Binder or folder to store notes & graded papers

    -Pens or pencils

    -Headphones will be helpful if you need to watch a video clip individually


    Class Rules and Procedures:


    Grading Procedures: