• Welcome to the Cosmetology website!

    Name: Pam Fox

    Email Address: foxp@joshuaisd.org

    Phone Number for Appointments:

    817-426-7545 or 817-202-2545

    Phone Number: 817-202-2500 or 817-426-7500

    Extension: 1133 (lab) or 1164(office)

    Direct line for appointments: 817-426-7545



    Welcome to Cosmetology!

    Class Supply List: Cosmetology Kit, Notebook to keep notes, pen and paper.

    New Students: A $25 pre-paid credit card, check card or credit card for the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations (or TDLR) is required to enroll in cosmetology with the State of Texas. This must be turned in within 10 days of enrollment or the student will begin losing hours!






    Class Rules and Procedures:

    1. Be on time.

    2. Respect others.

    3. Bring all books and materials to class.

    4. Absolutely no cell phones, ipods, headphones, or any other electronic devices allowed in the classroom.

    5. Listen and follow directions the first time they are given.




    Grading Procedures: State Board Guidelines and procedures will be followed at all times.