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    Mike Nichols:   Dual Credit English: Comp 1302 Junior and Senior Levels, and British Lit 2323

    Email Address: nicholsm@joshuaisd.org

    E-mail contact is extremely effective, and I urge you to use this method of parent-teacher interaction.  If you would like to talk by phone, supply your phone number and I will call you that day, probably between 4 pm and 5 pm . 

    Conference Time: 12:15-12:40, M-F. Meetings can be arranged after school at mutual convenience.




    Welcome to my English Webpage. Here you will find information about supply needs, basic rules for the classroom, the basic grading format, as well as links to the classes I teach where you will find weekly activities.

    Also, under "Helpful Websites" I have provided several links to websites valuable to the motivated student.  These cover a variety of useful topics, and, in the comfort of home, you, or your student, can review or teach yourself skills and knowledge essential in one or another of my classes.

    About myself: I attended the University of Texas at Austin, receiving a B.A. in English, and then studied at the Lyndon Baines Johnson School of Public Affairs in Austin, Texas, where I interned on the Lt. Governor's School Finance Research Staff.  My Ph.D. is in American Literature, which I obtained at Texas Christian University.  

    Class Supply List: Students need to have a 1-inch, 3-ring binder for a class notebook, dividers for notebook sections, and lined paper for class notes. All tests and quizzes must be done in dark-blue or black ink.

    Class Rules and Procedures:

    Class rules:
    A. Be respectful of students and teachers. Kindness, consideration,

        and good-will can overcome all differences and obstacles between people.

    B. Always bring required materials: pen, pencil, class 3-ring binder with writing

        paper and dividers for sections, and any assigned reading material. Failure to have
        proper materials
    for class will result in detention.

    C. Be seated at your assigned seat by the bell.

    D. Sit in your assigned seat.

    E. Honesty is the best policy. Lying to a teacher can lead to a 3-day school


    F. Late work is penalized.  See your class syllabus 

    G: Missed quizzes/tests: Failure to take the quiz on the proper date will affect the grade.  Refer to class

    H. Follow all directions given to you.
         Do not interfere with the educational process:  you have a right to an education,
         but not a right to interfere with the education of others.

    I.  All Joshua High School policies and rules will be upheld in this classroom.


    Grading Procedures for Dual Credit grades:  Grades are kept on Hill College Schoology.

         See class syllabus for grade calculations


    Late Work:

    Teachers may assign a late penalty to any project turned in after the due date in accordance with previously established guidelines approved by the principal and disseminated to students.

    Late work will be accepted; however, assignments will be subject to points being deducted.
    All homework including corrections must be completed within the six weeks grading period.

    Joshua High School Policy:

    1 day late = 25 points off
    2 days late = 50 points off
    Over 2 days late = Zero


    Make Up Work:

    (Due to an absence)
    When a student is planning to miss a class to attend a schoolsponsored activity, the student must arrange with the teacher
           to obtain assignments and due dates before the absence occurs.
    Students or parents may make a request to pickup assignments at the Front Office for an absence of at least two
          days in order to complete the work at home. A 24
    hour notice to the office is required when requesting work.
    Students will be allowed a minimum of two days to complete make up work for each day absent. Projects, research papers or  
         work assigned at least one week in advance will be due when the student returns from the excused absence.
    If a student is absent for an exam, the makeup exam will cover the same material although a different exam may be administered.
    If a student is present when an exam is announced, the student should be prepared to take the test as
    scheduled. If the teacher determines that there are extenuating circumstances or that material missed during the absence is
    necessary for the test, more time will be allowed.
    Makeup work should be made up within the current grading period (i.e. progress report or report card).
         Exceptions will be made for excused absences at the end of a grading period.
    If a student is absent at the end of the grading period and, as a result, is missing assignments, a grade of Incomplete will be
    assigned. As soon as practicable after making up the work, a grade change will be issued and the new grade will replace
    incomplete. Incompletes not made
    up by the next grading period will revert to the grade the student earned.
    Students who are suspended from school are allowed to make up work following the above guidel