Principles of Business, Marketing & Finance (PBMF)
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    What is PIT?

        Principles of Information Technology (PIT) is a Career and Technology Education class in which students will develop computer literacy skills to adapt to emerging technologies used in the global marketplace.  Students will enhance reading, writing, computing, communication and reasoning skills and apply them to the information technology environment.


    What is PBMF?

         PBMF an acronym for Principles of Business, Marketing, and Finance is a Career and Technology Education class in which students will gain knowledge and skills in economies and private enterprise systems, the impact of global business, marketing  of goods and services, advertising and product pricing.  Studentswill analyze the sales process and financial management principles.  This course will allow students to reinforce, apply and transfer academic knowledge and skills to a variet of interesting and relevant activities, problem





    Grading Procedures:

    Six Weeks Grades will be comprised in the following manner:

       34% Daily work/participation 
    will come from workbook production assignments, quizzes, class participation

        33% Tests and assessments

              may include written objective tests, application tests, or production projects

        33%Projects/Special assignments
    may include Internet research projects, classroom activities and cooperative learning assignments.

          LATE WORK: 1 day late = 15 pts off
                                             2 days late = additional 15 pts off (-30 pts)

                                         3-5 days late = 50 pts off
                                         More than 5 days late = no credit.

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    PBMF Syllabus (1 Credit)

    Topics Covered in

    Principles of Business, Marketing, and Finance

     The order of topics covered are subject to change.

       Business Environment
       Business Management
       Business Finance
       Personal Finance

       Introduction of the Stock Market
       Managing Your Career


    1st Six Weeks

    • Intro to BPMF? Class procedures,

    • “Its My Life” project

    • Introduction of the Stock Market

    • “How The Market Works” competition.

    • Business Environment

    2nd  Six Weeks

    • Business Management

    3rd Six Weeks

    • Marketing 

    4th Six Weeks

    • Business Finance

    • Resume’s

    5th Six Weeks

    • Personal Finance

    6th 6 Weeks

    • Managing Your Career











    Class Rules and Procedures:

    1.  Be in class on time.

    2.  Respect others.

    3.  Bring all materials to class.

    4.  No personal grooming during class time.

    5.  Listen and follow directions the first time given.

    6.  No food or drink.

    7.  Be familar with student code of conduct and district acceptable use policy.

    8. No cell phones without permission.


    Computer Rules:

    1.  No Internet games (Keyboarding games allowed when directed).

    2.  No downloads.

    3.  No disks or software from home.

    4.  No playing games during class time.

    5.  No streaming:  movies or music.

    6.  No instant messaging or internet chatting of any kind.

    7.  No changing of the computer's settings of any kind.

    8. No mistreatment of the computers in any way.