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    Kim Ikeler


    Conference: 6th period- 12:48-1:33

    Phone -817-202-1134

     Money Matters $$

     Hello! I will be spending this school year teaching your son/daughter how to take care of their Money!! This is a new class for the district covering personal financial literacy that will empower your young adult with the resources necessary to take care of themselves, financially, now and when they leave your house!! I like to call this class "Adulting 101". If you have any questions this year do not hesitate to contact me!

    Class Rules and Procedures: Refer to Handout sent home with students on the first day of class.


    Grading Procedures: Daily classwork/Quizzes: 60 percent

                                         Test: 40 percent

                                          Late work will be accepted according to Joshua ISD Policy : 1 day late 25 points off, 2 days late 50 points off. Work will not be accepted                                          after 2nd day. 


                                          Makeup work will be accepted from students that are absent from class. Students receive one week, from the day they return to class.

                                          Students that score below a 70 on Unit Tests will be given the opportunity to retake the test according to the Joshua ISD grading policy.                                          Please refer to the district procedure manual for these guidelines.