• Welcome to Mrs. Bleeker Curtis' Biology Page

    Name: Tessa Bleeker Curtis

    Email Address: bleekert@joshuaisd.org

    Phone Number: 817-202-2500 or 817-426-7500 Ext: 1255

    Conference Time: 8th period; 2:24-3:09. Appointments can be made before or after school as well.  


    Open House Video


    Class Supply List:

    Spiral notebook or composition book for notes and activities

    Loose leaf paper 

    Pens (blue or black) and pencils 

    Ear buds/headphones (not bluetooth for the chromebook)

    Art type supplies if wanted; map pencils, crayons etc...

    Class Rules and Procedures:

    Be prepared, be productive, and be polite is a general good motto in my class!

    The expectation in my class is for everyone to have an equal learning opportunity in a friendly environment. There are a few rules I have for a smooth running classroom.

    1. Everyday you will come to class with all the necessary supplies

    2. When the tardy bell rings you will be in your seat with supplies out ready to receive instruction. 

    3. Bathroom breaks need to take place at the beginning or the end of class. 

    4. We will have a classroom full of respect.

    5. All students will be expected to comeplete their own work. 

    Grading Procedures:


    Grading Procedures:

    Tests 50%

    Daily Work 25%

    Projects and Labs 25%


    Joshua ISD Grading Procedures: 


    Failing Grades:      

    • Students will be given a reasonable opportunity to redo any assignments or examinations in which a grade below 70 was earned.
    • Students or parents must request the opportunity to redo any assignment or examination within two workdays of receipt of the failing grade.
    • The assignment or examination must be redone within three workdays of receipt of the failing grade.
    • The two grades will be averaged to reflect the student’s relative mastery of the assignment or examination.


    Late Work:

    Teachers may assign a late penalty to any project turned in after the due date in accordance with previously established guidelines approved by the principal and disseminated to students.

    (Policy EIAB local)

    • Late work will be accepted; however, assignments will be subject to points being deducted. 
    • All homework, including corrections, must be completed within the six weeks grading period.


    • Ms. Bleeker will accept things for a week for a maximum of a 70. 


    Make Up Work:      (Due to an absence)

    • When a student is planning to miss a class to attend a school-sponsored activity, the student must arrange with the teacher to obtain assignments and due dates before the absence occurs.
    • Students or parents may make a request to pickup assignments at the Front Office for an absence of at least two days in order to complete the work at home.  A 24-hour notice to the office is required when requesting work.
    • Students will be allowed a minimum of two days to complete make up work for each day absent.  Projects, research papers or work assigned at least one week in advance will be due when the student returns from the excused absence.
    • If a student is absent for an exam, the make-up exam will cover the same material although a different exam may be administered.
    • If a student is present when an exam is announced, the student should be prepared to take the test as scheduled.  If the teacher determines that there are extenuating circumstances or that material missed during the absence is necessary for the test, more time will be allowed.
    • Make-up work should be made up within the current grading period (i.e. progress report or report card).  Exceptions will be made for excused absences at the end of a grading period.
    • If a student is absent at the end of the grading period and, as a result, is missing assignments, a grade of Incomplete will be assigned.  As soon as practicable after making up the work, a grade change will be issued and the new grade will replace incomplete.  Incompletes not made-up by the next grading period will revert to the grade the student earned.
    • Students who are suspended from school are allowed to make up work following the above guidelines.