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    Conference Time: 11:59--12:44





    Kerry Howard



    Hello everyone! It’s great to be here! Some of you may know that I have been a hairdresser for 30 years and have re-built a clientele 3 different times  This is my second year here in the district and I just love working in JOSHUA!

    I have worked in several aspects of cosmetology—including chain salons, booth rental salons, commission salons, and corporate trainer for 2 large haircare companies.    

    My Commitment to the industry

    I have loved my career choice since day one and I love to pass on my love for the industry.  Love what you do for a living and you’ll never work a day in your life!



















    Class Supply List: Students have been given Student kit information (supplies and cost) upon enrollment in the Cosmetology Program.  Students may be asked to bring some supplies thoughout the year for different projects. 





    We are going to have a great year! Things we can look forward to are: getting really great at client consultations, product knowledge/ proper recommendation, conquering the fear of State Board testing and haircolor, haircolor, haircolor!

    Class Rules and Procedures: Failure to follow JISD, JHS, or classroom rules will result in the following:

    first offense:  verbal warning

    second offense: parent notification

    third offense: office refferal 

    Students who blatantly disrupt the learning envirnment or break a major school rule will be immediatly asked to leave our classroom.


    Grading Procedures: 2 grades per week will be entered into my gradebook  There will be daily participation grades.  

    I will be administering 6 weeks cumulative tests as well