• College United States History:  both Dual Enrollment and AP 

    Name: Jill H. Brown

    Email Address: brownjh@joshuaisd.org



    Phone Number: 817-202-2500 or 817-426-7500

    Extension: 1235

    Conference Time:1:37-2:22


    AP Parents and students check your own grades on line any time.

    1. Go the the Skyward Family Access tab on the left side of the Joshua isd home page.
    2. Your pass word is the first 5 letters of your last name the first three letters of your first name and 000.  (brownjil000)
    3. Your username is your student ID

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    Welcome to US History.
    My mission is to provide you with an in depth and engaging study of American History and prepare you for full citizenship using the Advance Placement Course Description and the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills.
    About Mrs. Brown
    This is my 30th year as a teacher of US History.  I have both a BS in Education  and a BA in History from Oklahoma Christian University.  I earned my MA in American History from UT Arlington. 
    I have been married for 33 years to a man who grew up in Crowley and he is responsible for me ending up in central Texas.  We have two children both JHS graduates!  

    Class Supply List:

    Three ringed notebook with paper and the ability to keep and manage a large number of handout notes.  Pencil and Pen.  Other  materials we will collect by class periods.

    The textbook is available for FREE.  It is on-line through Open Stax.  There are both web page access and pdf down load capabilites. 



    Class Rules and Procedures:

    Be respectful and responsible.  We will follow the rules of the JISD student handbook.


    Grading Procedures:


    United States History:  College Level both Dual and AP

    1.  There will be a reading quiz for every chapter assigned.  Each student has both access to the student resources on line and a printed copy of the review materials.  If your student is not having success on the reading quizzes, ask to see their review work. (Have they reviewed the vocabulary, taken the practice quiz, studied not just read the materials?) 

    2.  Summer reading assignment will be assessed either at the beginning of the school year or during the era of instruction (Brave Companions is due this fall, while The Things They Carried will be in the spring.)  

    3. While there may be a project in class each six weeks.  There WILL be an at home project due each six weeks.  Students complete a film review and  primary document analysis for as many chapters as the teacher determines each six weeks. These assignments are posted over the summer, students may choose to try these on their own. (Ask the older kids if they have questions) or wait until the first week of fall when all will be explained.

    4. If I have allowed class time to work on an assignment especially with a substitute, and your student chose not to work on the assignment at the time.  I will call it classwork, NOT homework and will not take it late.  This is particularly important for the discipline in a class when I am not there and student respect of the substitute teacher .

    5. WHAT IS MASTERY LEARNING? This is a philosophy of instruction which sees quizzes as formative instruction.  My reading quizzes can be hard. They will not get easier because the rigor is preparatory for the tests and national exam.  However these are formative...before much of the instruction.... to diagnos your student's knowledge.  When we finish a unit and an exam is given the grade earned on the exam will also be put in place for the quiz.  Quizzes do not get retakes because the grade is feedback and temporary. 

    6. Retesting

    Dual Students=Failed tests cannot be retaken as per the Hill College Gradebook.

    APUSH Students=Failed test may be retaken as per the Joshua ISD Policy.