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    Parents of students taking AP classes should have received an email from Diane Williams, the JHS counselor in charge of AP regarding this years' Exams. The College Board recently followed-up with additional information regarding dates, times and formats for AP tests and that is discussed in the email. I have also shared information with students through Google Classroom that is specific to AP Human Geography. In short, the AP Human Geography test will be conducted online May 12th at 3:00pm CST. It will be a 45 minute online exam. I will be posting additional information from College Board regarding the process by which students take the test including opportunities to practice using their technology to take it. 

    I hope everyone is staying safe, healthy and sane during this time! I am here to serve your students the best I can. If students have the technological ability, PLEASE have them join the AP Human Geo Google Hangout that is posted in Classroom. I am 'live' everyday from 11am to noon for help with immediate needs, but check it periodically outside of that timeframe to answer any questions that students have over lessons, exams, school in general, etc. Make sure your students are checking Classroom and Hangout in order to have the most effective communication while we are physically separated. I miss them all!


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    William Walker


    Name: William Walker

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    Welcome to Mr. Walker's AP Human Geography class! I have taught Geography for 20 years and strongly believe it is one of the most important and rewarding courses taken at the high school level. I am especially excited that Joshua ISD is now offering this AP course at the Ninth Grade Campus. Not only is it an extremely interesting subject focused on contemporary real-world conditions and issues, but it will also serve as a foundation for future AP, Dual-Credit or Honors classes as students progress through their High School careers.