• Welcome to ENGLISH at New Horizon High School

    Name: Emily Rollen   
    Email Address: rollene@joshuaisd.org
    Phone Number: 817-202-2500 
    Extension: 1315 



    My name is Emily Rollen. I am beginning my twenty-first year as a teacher and my fourth year at New Horizon High School in Joshua. I plan to finish my career here because I love this school and believe in its message.  
    Everyday when students walk in, my blog will be on the screen with information for the day. All vocabulary, daily lessons, syllabuses, etc., with links available, will be updated daily. They will have access to it when I am out or they are out through Google Docs and Google Classroom. 
    Class Year-long Goal: Every student will use self-motivation and perseverance to pass English I and II EOC and complete course requirements in order to graduate from New Horizon High School.