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    Name: Edgar Hood    Parent Night Video

    Email Address: hoode@joshuaisd.org

    Phone Number: 817-202-2500 or 817-426-7500

    Extension: 1226

    Conference: 5th period.

    Tutoring Schedule: Monday - Friday  8:00 to 8:20 AM   and Monday - Thursday  4:00 to 4:30 PM.      





    Welcome to my home on the internet.  General information about the Geometry course your student is enrolled in can be found on this page.  Please take the time to read through this information.  Specific information about what we are doing in class can be found by going back and clicking on Lesson Plans. Lesson Plans are posted by six weeks.  
    If you need to contact me, I can be reached using the above telephone numbers and extension.  Please leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible.  A better means of contact is through the e-mail link posted.  I will have more frequent opportunities during the day to access e-mail and I will have immediate to any information you my need either at my desk or on my computer.  
    I am looking forward to working with you to best serve your student.
    Edgar Hood

    Class Supply List:

    1 large (2 or 3 inch) three ring binder

    paper, pencil, erasure

    6 inch metric and standard ruler

    TI 83 or TI 84 graphing calculator is highly recommended, but not required.  When necessary, a class set of calculators is available for classroom use, but they may not be checked out for home use.

    Students will be given square root charts and trigonometry charts when necessary. 

    These supplies will need to be brought to class every day.  Some supplies will not be used every day but when they are needed they will not be made available in class.



    Class Rules and Procedures:

    In general, rules and procedures are outlined in the student handbook.  Specific information for class will be discussed with the students at the beginning the year.  They will receive a printed copy of my expectations and a copy of these expectations are available online through the lesson outline for Day 1.

    Please encourage your student to keep up with their work.  Assignments need to be ready and complete when they are due and any work missed due to an absence needs to be made up on a timely basis.


    Grading Procedures: 

    In Geometry 60% of the student grades come from tests and 40% from daily work and quizzes . 

    Daily work will consist of problems very similar to the material we have covered in class.  It is designed to give the student an opportunity to demonstrate an understanding of the material in a non-threatening or less threatening manner than what they find on a test or quiz.  My goal with homework is that the student spend time making a genuine to complete all the work to the best of their ability and understanding.  Generally a student will receive full credit for a completed assignment.  We will take the time to review each assignment in class as soon after completion as possible.  This will give the student the opportunity to ask questions about work they did not understand.  Students who do not complete their work will miss this opportunity.  The material on daily assignments is designed to prepare the class for the coming tests and quizzes.  Completing assignments in a timely manner (complete and on time) is extremely important to success in class. 

    The daily average will be taken from the daily assignments.

    Each unit we study will end with a Unit Test.  These are designed to check for mastery of the material being taught in the unit as well as checking retention of the material from previous units.  Classes will be notified in advance of these Unit Tests.