• Welcome to Spanish 1

    Name: Margo Rader

    Email Address: raderm@joshuaisd.org

    Phone Number: 817-202-2500

    Extension: 2051

    Conference period: 8th

    Classes: Spanish 1 NGC/Spanish 1 and 2 NHHS



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    Welcome to Spanish 1! Plan on learning a lot this year. My classroom is all about learning through our mistakes. Can't wait to see you!

    Please sign up for reminder text messages by texting @aaazzz to 81010 


    Class Supply List:





    Each student will need:


    a 3 ring binder

    a set of dividers

    notebook paper,

    pens or pencils

    and highlighters.

    Each student will also contribute one item

    to the classroom by period:

    1st period--Tissues

    2nd period--Markers

    3rd period--Glue sticks

    6th period--Scissors

    7th period--fine line markers

    9th period--colored pencils



    Class Rules and Procedures:


    Students are required to makeup any work that they have missed for any absence. There is a “missing work” box where you will find file folders of all work completed in your absence. When you return, check the folder for any handouts, consult with one of your classmates for notes, and speak with me about any assignments or other information you may have missed. THIS IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.

    Academic Honesty

    It is expected that all students do their own work without aid from any unauthorized sources (current or past students, translating websites, etc.). Students found plagiarizing, copying, or cheating in any form will receive automatic zeros on their assignments and be referred to the office. In addition, a call will be made to parents. Zeros from cheating cannot be made up/retaken. 


    Grading Procedures:


    Tutorials are available on Monday from 4:00-4:30pm and Tuesday from 7:50-8:20am.

    You will need to attend tutorials for extra tutoring, to retake a failed chapter exam, and to makeup tests or quizzes that you have missed due to absences.


    Failing Grades (summative only):

    According to district policy: ¨Students will be given a reasonable opportunity to redo examinations in which a grade is below 70.  Students or parents must request the opportunity to redo an examination within two workdays of receipt of the failing grade.  It is the student’s responsibility to make arrangements for the retest.  No retests are available for students who received a “0” for cheating.  The student will receive the higher of the two grades not to exceed a 70.  A student may not be retested more than one time for any given original summative examination.   Formative assessments (example: quizzes) are not eligible for a redo request.¨


    According to district policy: ¨Teachers assign a late penalty to any assignment turned in after the due date. Late work will be accepted; however, assignments may be subject to points being deducted.  All assignments must be completed within the six weeks grading period.  A penalty for late work may be assessed according to the following guidelines:¨

    1 day late 15 points off  

    2 days late 30 points off  

    3-5 days late 50 points off  

    Over 5 days late Zero