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    Name: Darci Jackson & Brandy Nowak
    Email Address: jacksond@joshuaisd.org 
    Phone Number: 817-202-2500 or 817-426-7500
    Conference Time: 8:50-9:40





    I am looking forward to a fun filled exciting year with you! Let's get moving!!!


    Class Supply List: Students in grades K-5 must wear tennis shoes to participate during P.E.. Girls must wear shorts under skirts/dresses in order to participate.


    Rules & Grading

    Citizenship Rules:                                                                     

    • Follow directions and procedures                                  
    • Play by the rules
    • Be respectful to others- no bullying
    • Have good sportsmanship
    • No food, gum, or candy
    • Do not intentionally cause physical harm to others
    • Handle P.E. equipment appropriately  

    Participation Rules:


    • Wear tennis shoes appropriate for participation
    • Wear clothing appropriate for participation
    • Note from a parent/doctor if you cannot participate
    • Participate in all activities
    • Give your best effort 




    Class Grading Procedures: Students will receive a citizenship grade and a participation grade each six weeks on their report card. If a student breaks a rule listed above they will receive a "mark" on their grade and it will change following the grading scale below.

    Citizenship Grade                                                  Participation Grade
    E = 0-1 mark                                                            -3 Points everyday with no shoes.
    S = 2-3 marks                                                            
    N = 4-5 marks                                                           
    U = 6+ marks                                                            
    Note: If a child's behavior is disruptive to the class or harmful to him/herself or others, then they will be removed from the activity, receive 2 citizenship marks, and an office referral.