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    “Wherever he steps, whatever he

    touches, whatever he leaves,

    even unconsciously, will serve

    as silent evidence against him.

    Not only his fingerprints or his

    footprints, but also his hair,

    the fibers from his clothes,

    the glass he breaks,

    the tool marks he leaves,

    the paint he scratches, the blood

    or semen that he deposits or

    collect—all of these and more

    bear mute witness against him.

    This is evidence that does not

    forget. It is not confused by

    the excitement of the moment.

    It is not absent because human

    witnesses are. It is factual

    evidence. Physical evidence

    cannot be wrong; it cannot

    perjure itself; it cannot be

    wholly absent. Only its

    interpretation can err.

    Only human failure to find it,

    study and understand it, can

    diminish its value.”


    From Kirk, Paul L.

    Crime Investigation.

    New York: Interscience Publishers, 1953




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