Mrs. Shellee Key

Phone: 817-202-2500 ext 1171


Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Shellee Key

My name is Shellee Key and I have been a cosmetology instructor for 19 years. I taught at Hill College for 13 years and 2 years at Burleson High 
School. I am starting my 5th year here at Joshua. I have been married for 18 years and have two kids; a daughter 27 and a son 14 years of age. I am also a Lovey to a  grandaughter who is 9. My passion is the art of cosmetology and teaching. I am lucky enough to be able to do both!!



Conference Period Time

Welcome to Cosmetology

  • Class Room/ Home Rules


    *Be on Time on time to class or logged in by tardy bell. Tardies willl be given at school and at home. 

    *Be prepared for class; pens, pencils, notebook, textbook, kit if sophomore.

    *No Food or Drink (clear water bottle in its original container only are allowed)

    *No cell phones (must be out of sight class and home)

    *Be respectful to all who enter class in school and on line. FYI: all principles will be a user in all online classes!! 

    (Peers, Teachers, Educators, Principles, Patrons...In class and at home)

    *Be professional at all times (Attitude, Appearance, Performance, Ethical)

    * Actively participate (Be willing to learn and work In class and at home)

    *Must be in proper dress code (JHS and TDLR rules) at home students will have to follow these rules to a certain degree. 


    Things to Remember

    Must wear a mask/shields correctly at all times.

    Must wear your ID

    NO Borrowing        NO Blankets            NO Hoodies on head

    Please hang backpacks on back of chair


    School Supplies

    • spiral notebook
    • pen/pencil
    • kit for sophomores
    • chromebook






  • All students and parents should use Class Link, located on the High School website, to view all assignments, resources and material.