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Degrees and Certifications:

Shellee Key

My name is Shellee Key and I have been a cosmetology instructor for 20 years. I taught at Hill College for 13 and the rest has been at Joshua High School.  My passion is the art of cosmetology and teaching. I am lucky enough to be able to do both!!



Conference Period Time

Welcome to Cosmetology

  • Class Room Rules


    *Be on Time on time to class.

    *Be prepared for class; pens, pencils, notebook, textbook, and lab floor kit.

    *No Food or Drink (clear water bottle in its original container only are allowed)

    *No cell phones 

    *Be respectful to all who enter class. 

    (Peers, Teachers, Educators, Principals, Clients)

    *Be professional at all times (Attitude, Appearance, Performance, Ethical)

    * Actively participate.

    *Must be in proper dress code (JHS and TDLR rules)  


    Things to Remember

    Must wear your ID at all times

    NO Borrowing        NO Blankets            NO Hoodies on head

    Please hang backpacks on back of chair


    School Supplies

    • spiral notebook
    • pen/pencil
    • kit for sophomores.






  • All students and parents should use Class Link, located on the High School website, to view all assignments, resources and material.