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    Name: Seth Cross

    Email Address: crosss@joshuaisd.org

    Conference Time: 3rd Period
    M-F 10:03-10:48 a.m.



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     Class Rules and Procedures:

    • Have materials with you everyday.
    • When finished with classroom materials place them back where you retrieved them from.
    • Assignments should be placed in your class assigned tray.
    • Come to class prepared to learn.
    • Respect and encourage your fellow classmates, as well as myself.
    • When I am speaking, listen. 
    • Be attentive and ask questions regarding the subject at hand. 
    • Be ready and willing to learn!
    • The bell does not dismiss you from class, I do.
    • Turn your work in every day and on time.



    Grading Procedures:

    50% daily work/quizzes
    50% test grades/projects

    My late policy:

    Perfect work that is one day late will receive a 85.  
    Perfect work that is two days late will receive a 70.  
    After two days, work will only be counted up to 50. 
    Due dates will be posted in the classroom.

    Lesson Plans:

    Content objectives will be posted weekly.

    Language objective:  

    Using a variety of primary and secondary sources to acquire information and to analyze and understand how to answer Social Studies questions, the student will apply critical-thinking skills to organize and use information acquired from these sources through analyzing information by sequencing, categorizing, identifying cause-and-effect relationships, comparing and contrasting, finding the main idea, summarizing, making generalizations, making predictions, drawing inferences, drawing conclusions, describing, charting, and examining.


    Informal and formal assessments will be used regularly.  Examples of informal assessments are provided in the Activities section below.  Formal assessments or tests will be given at least twice each grading period in the form of a multi dimensional exam including vocabulary, matching, and a WRITTEN portion. Semester finals for S1 and S2 will be in a similar format.  Also, students will be given at least 1 Project per 6 weeks to assess unit-level mastery of content. 


    Teacher activity (presentations, lectures, readings, video, audio, discussion, manipulatives, simulations, appropriate integration of technology)
    Student activity (graphic organizers, notes, video quizes, projects, readings, group discussions, class discussions , manipulatives, simulations, appropriate integration of technology)