• Welcome to the 2019-2020 School Year! 

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    Mrs. Cisneros

    Teacher: Kerri Cisneros 

    Subject: English III: American Literature 

    How to Reach Me:  


    817-202-2500 Ext. 1251

    Conference Time: 3:15-4:00 (9th Period)


    Dear Parents and Students,

          Hello! This year, we'll be exploring the realm of American literature while broadening our reading, thinking and writing skills. I look forward to learning about our country's great history and writers and getting to know each of my students! 

    Let's make this year the best one, yet! Please keep reading for more links, information, and expectations for the class. 


    - Mrs. C 



    Class Materials

    - Notebook/ notebook paper

    - A binder or folder to keep up with classwork

    - Pencils and pens (please try and stick with legible, darker colors!)

    * A class set of Chromebooks will be assigned to students at the beginning of the year * 




    - Grades will be divided into the three following categories and percentages:

    1. Daily Work: 34%

    2. Tests and Quizzes: 33%

    3. Projects: 33%

    - In case of a failing grade, students will be given the opportunity to redo any assignment, quiz, or test on which a grade below a 70 was earned.

    - Students must request the opportunity to redo any assignment, quiz, or test within two workdays after the paper was passed back. Students must also redo that same assignment, quiz, or test within three days after it's handed back. 

    - The student will receive the higher of the two grades not to exceed a 70. 

    - PLEASE keep all graded work and notes until the end of the semester! You'll need them for tests, quizzes, and final exams. They will make it SO much easier to study for finals!! 



    Joshua High School Late Policy: 

    1 day late= -25 points

    2 days late= -50 points

    3 days late=


    - If a student expects to be absent, they must request their work in advance. If the student cannot be at school to request work, a parent or guardian (or that student) may email me to request it. 



    Rules and Expectations

    1. Be Prepared

           - Come with a positive attitude with all materials needed 

           - Be open-minded and ready to learn! 


    2. Be kind and respectful

           - The Golden Rule: Treat others how you want to be treated. Keep  in mind that everyone comes from different backgrounds. Not one of you is the same. Respect is a BIG thing in my classroom! 

           - Listen while others are speaking, and be respectful to others' opinions. 

           - Let's make this classroom an environment where everyone feels  safe, welcomed, and loved. 


    3. Do your best and your own work

           - I do not allow any kind of plagiarism or cheating. If I catch you cheating off of someone else, off of the internet, etc., your assignment, test, and yes, even your research paper (!!!), will be taken up and given a zero with no chance to correct. This is the JHS policy.  

           - Don't be afraid to be wrong when speaking out or answering on paper. An incorrect answer is better than a blank space! Try your best. 


    4. Listen and participate

           - Be alert and ready to contribute to discussions.

           - No sleeping in class: Please let me know if you have a problem and if you need to put your head down/ leave the classroom.  




    On a last note, I'm excited for each of you to be a part of my class this year! I look forward to knowing you all and discovering what great things you'll bring to the classroom. Here's to a positive and productive year!