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    FAC 2019

    Functional Academics Life Skills Class

    Teacher: Johnny Hamm

    Email: hammj@joshuaisd.org

    Have a fantastic summer and stay safe! 

    Please contact me via email @ hammj@joshuaisd.org or text if you have questions or need any assitance over the summer break.  

    Please follow Joshua ISD social media for updated information over the summer.  

    Classroom Resources:

    Mr. Hamm's Google Website

    Library Resources


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    Distance Learning Low Tech Lessons:

    Lesson Plans Week 1: 

    Math:  Menu Math WS front and back/Addition WS

    L. Arts:  Noun-Verb WS/Spelling Words 5x each #1-10 this week-#11-20 next week/Dolch Wordfind WS front and back

    Social Studies: Book Review from book included in your take home folder

    Science: Recycling WS


    Lesson Plans Week 2: 

    Math:  Menu Math WS front and back/Addition Review WS

    L. Arts:  Noun-Verb WS/Spelling Words write 5x each #11-20/Dolch Wordfind WS front and back

    Social Studies: Underground Railroad Path to Freedom WS

    Science: Plants WS and Wordfind


    Lesson Plans Week 3: 

    Math:  Menu Math WS/Easter Addition WS

    L. Arts:  Noun or Not WS/Phineas Verb WS

    Social Studies: Being a Good Citizen WS

    Science: Buzzing Bees/Bees Wordfind


    Lesson Plans Week 4 : 

    Math:  Menu Math WS/Double Digit Addition WS

    L. Arts:  Find the Noun WS/Phineas Verb WS/Reading-"Nest Soup"

    Social Studies: US Flag WS

    Science: The Great White Shark/Ocean Animals Wordfind


    Lesson Plans Week 5: 

    Math:  Menu Math WS/ +/- Money WS

    L. Arts:  Person, Place, Thing, Animal WS/Fill in Action Words WS/Reading-"Using Plants"

    Social Studies: Local Government WS

    Science: Life Cycle of a Butterfly WS (fill in the blanks)


    Lesson Plans Week 6: 

    Math:  Ninja Warrior +/-

    L. Arts:  Person, Place, Thing WS/Fill in Action Words WS/Reading-"Beatrix Potter"

    Social Studies: US Government WS

    Science: Amazon River Dolphin Research WS (fill in the blanks)


    Lesson Plans Week 7: 

    Math:  Ninja Warrior/Review+/-

    L. Arts:  Noun, Verb Review

    Social Studies: Electoral Votes

    Science: Bottleneck Dolphin Research WS (fill in the blanks)

    Distance Learning High Tech Lessons: (Google Classroom: FAC 2020)

    Lesson Plans Week 1:

    Math:  Prodigy: Money-March 26-27/Addition-March 30-31

    L. Arts:  Noun-Verb Review/Sight Word Practice

    Social Studies: Book Review from StorylineOnline (you pick the book)

    Science: Recycling

    Transition Class:  Skills to Pay the Bills click here when finsihed Cyber Risk 


    Lesson Plans Week 2: 

    Math:  Prodigy/Vizzle: Addition

    L. Arts:  Vizzle Nouns Lessons

    Social Studies: Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad (video and Vizzle Lessons)

    Science: Vizzle Plant Assignments 

    Reading:  Charlotte's Web Chapter 1-3 (Audio lessons)


    Lesson Plans Week 3: 

    Math:  Prodigy/Vizzle: Coins-Addition

    L. Arts:  Vizzle Noun Lessons

    Social Studies: Being a Good Citizen Vizzle Lessons

    Science: Bees Youtube video and Vizzle lessons

    Reading:  Charlotte's Web Chapter 4-6 (Audio lessons)


    Lesson Plans Week 4: 

    Math:  Prodigy/Vizzle: Subtraction

    L. Arts:  Vizzle Verb Lessons

    Social Studies: US/Texas Flags Vizzle Lessons

    Science: Shark Dive Youtube video and Ocean Animals Vizzle lessons

    Reading:  Charlotte's Web Chapter 7-9 (Audio lessons)


    Lesson Plans Week 5: 

    Math:  Prodigy Online:Numbers and Time/Vizzle Online: Addition

    L. Arts:  Vizzle Noun/Verb Lessons

    Social Studies: Local Government Vizzle Lesson

    Science: Earth Day Multi Activity Vizzle lesson

    Reading:  Charlotte's Web Chapter 10-11 (Audio lessons)


    Lesson Plans Week 6: 

    Math:  Prodigy Online: Free Play/Vizzle Online: ($) Earns, Wants and Needs

    L. Arts:  Vizzle Noun/Adjectives Lessons

    Social Studies: 3 Branches of Government Vizzle Lesson

    Science: Amazon Dolphins/Ocean Animals Vizzle Lesson

    Reading:  Charlotte's Web Chapter 12-14 (Audio lessons)


    Lesson Plans Week 7: 

    Math:  Cool Math: Free Play/Vizzle Online: ($) Spending and Saving

    L. Arts:  Vizzle Noun/Verb/Adjectives Lessons

    Social Studies: The Voting Process Vizzle Lesson

    Science: LifeCycle of a Butterfly Vizzle Lesson

    Reading:  Charlotte's Web Chapter 15-17 (Audio lessons)

    Class Rules and Procedures:

    Be Respectful, Be Kind, Follow the School Rules and the Student Code of Conduct


    Parent Communication of Standards:

    I will upate my webpage on a regular basis with important student and parent information, please check back often for updates.  I will make parent phone calls or send home notes with students about any concerns that might arise in the classroom or at school.  Parents and students are encouraged to meet with me about any concerns they may have, together we can solve any problems.  


    Grading Procedures:

    Attendence and participation are key to student success!  

    Students are graded on daily participation, and their willingness to accomplish tasks.

     School #: 817-202-2500 Ext. #1202 /Conference: 12:48-1:33 (6th Period)