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    Conference Time:   9:15 - 10:00 am
    phone: 817-202-2500 Ext. 2074
    Tutorials: By Arrangement
     I am looking forward to learning together!!! 

    Class Supply List 20-21

    -access to google classroom (computer)


    -computer mouse (suggested but not required)

    -pen and paper


    -novel/something to read

    English I Pre-AP will be reading every day in class. Please have a novel every day. We will be reading a class novel every six weeks. (1st=Of Mice and Men 2nd=novel of student choice 3rd=Night ) We DO have enough novels to check one out to students for the first semester. Virtual students may contact the teacher to schedule a time for pick up.


     Grading Procedures:

    Daily Work 50%
    Tests 50% 
    1 day late=15 points off
    2 days late=30 points off
    3-5 days late=50 points off
    More than 5 days late=0