• Welcome to Mrs. Seibold's School Website

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    Name: Angela Seibold
    Email Address: seibolda@joshuaisd.org
    Phone Number: 817-202-2500 Extension:1129
    Conference Time: 3:15-4:00 pm


    Open House 2021

    Welcome to my website. Within these pages you will find pertinent information regarding my classes. Above is information regarding when and how you may contact me. You may call and leave a message or email me anytime. If you would like to visit with me in person my conference period time is given above.

    To the left you will find links to my classes. Students will be using Google Classroom to get complete assignment details.
    Class Supply List

    All students will need one folder with brads, paper, pen or pencil, and one box of tissues.

    Class Rules and Procedures

    Class Rules:
    1. Be prompt.
    2. Be prepared.
    3. Be respectful.
    4. Be seated immediately in the appropriate place before the tardy bell rings.
    **Once class has begun I will not let a student out for any reason other than an emergency.
    We only have 45 minutes in class and we will use every second. 
    The following actions are not allowed at any time and will be strictly enforced:

    Playing Internet or computer games
    Changing or modifying computer or monitor settings 
    Bringing your own software or games to install on the computers
    Downloading or streaming video or music
    Downloading programs from the Internet
    Visiting and responding to message boards
    Sending, checking, or replying to email
    Supplying personal information on the Internet
    Accessing sites deemed inappropriate
    Accessing other students’ assignment folders
    Accessing areas of the network where students are forbidden to go

    The following actions require teacher permission:
    Using the Internet
    Listening to music cds
    1st offense – warning **You will only receive one warning the entire year
    2nd offense – Removal from computer;  loss of credit on the day’s assignment; call to parents
    3rd offense – Call to parents; office detention
    4th offense – Call to parents; recommended OCS; removal from computer; possible removal from class. 

    Grading Percentages

    50% Daily Work - which includes daily class participation grades, daily assignments, minor projects
    50% Major Work - which includes exams, major projects, portfolio, and data folder