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FirstView Bus Route Monitoring App

Joshua ISD is excited to announce that parents and guardians can now track their student’s school bus in real-time from their smartphones thanks to the new FirstView® ParentView app.

mobile device with parentview information

ParentView puts real-time bus information into parents’ hands so they can better manage hectic schedules and have peace of mind that their children arrive safely to and from school. FirstView® provides more comprehensive features than any bus tracking app on the market, including:

• Immediate Bus Information: Parents can track their student’s bus to get an estimated arrival time at the bus stop and can see when it arrives to and departs from school.

• District Notifications: Parents can opt-in to receive district messages regarding school delays and issues.

• Customizable Alerts: Parents can set up custom alerts for when the bus is a chosen distance or number of minutes away.

• Industry’s Best Security: More secure than any other bus tracking tool on the market, ParentView is password protected and integrates with the district’s existing safety standards.

• Built-In Customer Support: A dedicated FirstView® customer support team is available Monday through Friday via call or click.

For more information and to download, parents can go to the FirstView® website. Click here to learn how the app works. Parents also can find FirstView® in the App Store or Google Play.

Parents will need their student's ID number to register, instead of school codes that were previously used.

Parents that have questions can contact support at  888-889-8920 or


Step-by-Step Guide

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