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Bilingual Program

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Joshua ISD provides a Dual One-Way Transition Bilingual model in grades Pre-Kindergarten through fifth. A Dual One-Way Transition Model is a bilingual program that serves a student identified as limited English proficient in both English and Spanish, or another language, and transfers the student to English-only instruction. Academic growth is accelerated through cognitively challenging academic work in the student's first language along with meaningful academic content taught through the student's second language, English. The goal is to promote high levels of academic achievement and full academic language proficiency in the student's first language and English. A student enrolled in a transitional bilingual/late exit program is eligible to exit the program no earlier than six years or later than seven years after the student enrolls in school. A student who has met exit criteria in accordance with §89.1225(h), (j), and (k) of this title may continue receiving services, but the school district will not receive the bilingual education allotment for that student.

Teachers in the Bilingual Program utilize teaching strategies that allow students to successfully access curriculum in their second language as well as their first without mixing languages or translating. The teachers have special training and certification from the State of Texas in bilingual education and are fluent in the Spanish language. In addition, these teachers receive additional training through Joshua ISD in bilingual instruction and Spanish literacy.

Program Benefits:

  • Students are taught in a supportive environment with highly qualified educators
  • Teachers provide access to the state curriculum while working to develop both the English and Spanish language proficiency of their students
  • The cultural heritage of all students is celebrated and respected

Program Enrollment:                                                                               

  • Students must meet state eligibility criteria for identification as an English language learner
  • Students must speak or hear Spanish in their home
  • Students must be eligible to enroll in Pre-Kindergarten-grade 6
  • Students must live in the Joshua Independent School District

Parental Involvement:

  • Parental approval is required for students to participate in the program
  • Parents are encouraged to volunteer for classroom activities or serve as a member of the campus’s Bilingual Language Proficiency Assessment Committee (LPAC)
  • Parents are encouraged to partner with the school to create an educational support community that brings families together to help students be successful learners.

If you have additional questions, please contact Favi Arevalo at 817.426.7500 ext. 1518.