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Student Teachers

Before a student teacher (applicant) begins providing services for the district, the applicant must complete the required forms below. Once the applicant has been approved, he or she will be notified by an Administrator and then services may be rendered.  

Required Forms

  • Fingerprint Subscription Authorization Form- Print and complete the form. Attach to the request form. 
  • Written Request from University or Certification Program - Obtain a written request from your university or certification program stating the dates/hours needed. Attach to the request form.
  • Student Teacher Request Form- Complete the online form and attach the fingerprint subscription authorization form and written request from the university or certification program. 
  • JISD Professional Dress Code - Please review this form for your information.

Should you have any questions regarding Student Teaching, contact: 

Lydia Rincon
HR Secretary
817-202-2500 ext. 1021