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New Employee Information

Welcome to Joshua Independent School District!

We are delighted that you have chosen a career with our district. The Human Resource Department of JISD will strive to provide you with exemplary service by providing effective communication and support. The Human Resource Department page is designed to offer information to both prospective employees, but also new and current employees. In the event you are unable to find the resources you need, please contact the Human Resources Department for assistance.  

To assist in the onboarding process, all new hires will need to have the following documents ready to turn in to the Human Resources department:  

Form I-9 Acceptable Documents (more info)  

Driver's License/State ID 

While you can use any acceptable form of identification for your I-9, you will be required to have a state ID or Driver's License, from any state in the U.S., for your background check to be uploaded to the state. 

 Social Security Card 

To ensure compliance with Federal law, the district will keep a copy of each employee's Social Security card. An employee's name with the district will be the name as it appears on the card. 

High School Diploma or Official College Transcripts (official college transcripts are required to sign a contract) 

Official transcripts are required from all colleges/universities that the candidate has attended, including the one which shows the date the degree was conferred/awarded (for positions requiring degrees). Transcripts are not required to be in a sealed envelope but must be an original, produced by the college/university, bearing the seal and signature of the registrar. Electronic service records (eScripts) are accepted provided they are emailed directly to 

Service Records 

A Teacher Service Recordis the official document used to record years of service claimed for salary increment purposes.  Districts are required to provide service records within 30 days of the request (TEC 21.4031). Electronic service records are accepted provided they are emailed directly from the former school district/educational institution to 

It is the responsibility of the employee to provide verification of all full-time experience earned outside of Joshua Independent School District. Experience acceptable for salary credit purposes must be earned in a public or private school that is accredited by an accrediting association recognized by the Texas Education Agency.

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