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Joshua Independent School district has the authorization to conduct Texas and FBI fingerprint based criminal history checks on individuals contracting with our district and has the ability to adjudicate the results.  

Senate Bill 9 directs school district contractors to obtain state and national criminal history background searches on those who will have direct contact with students through the DPS criminal history clearinghouse (Fingerprint-based Applicant Clearinghouse of Texas —FACT).   

Contractors/Vendors must be fingerprinted if:

(1) the applicant has or will have continuing duties related to the contracted services; and

(2) the applicant has or will have direct contact with students.

What defines a contractor/vendor? A contractor/vendor performs services for the district in which they are being paid by the district. Examples of contractors/vendors are private duty nurses, dual credit instructors, private lesson instructors and other vendors providing services to the district. 

Before a contractor/vendor (applicant) begins providing services for the district, the applicant must complete the Fingerprint Subscription Authorization Contractor/Vendor Form and the Independent Contractor Acknowledgement Form. Once the applicant has been approved, he or she will be notified by an Administrator and then services may be rendered.  

Fingerprint Subscription Authorization Contractor/Vendor Form 


Should you have any questions regarding Contractors/Vendors, contact:   

Lydia Rincon
HR Secretary
817-202-2500 ext. 1021