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In Joshua ISD, we use surveys to measure perceptions, feelings and thoughts of individual students. The district engages in surveying students to:

  • Improve each student’s overall school experience
  • Better understand the needs of students in order to remove barriers to learning
  • Comply with state/federal law requiring the capture of student voice

In some cases, surveys may require the parent/guardian to opt in or opt out of the survey in order for their child to participate. In Joshua ISD, we define opt in and opt out in the following:

  • Opt In: Students will NOT take the survey unless they have specifically signed up to participate in the survey
  • Opt Out: Students will AUTOMATICALLY take the survey unless the parent/guardian opts out of the survey

Each survey given has different state and local requirements. The choice to opt in or out of a survey is usually dependent on state or local policy.

In the Joshua ISD, we give the following surveys to students:

Consent or Survey
Opt In or Opt Out Grade Level Status if parental consent is missing Information
Acceptable Use Policy Agree and Acknowledge All Grades Students Agree Student Handbook
Prevention Education Opt-In All Grades Students will NOT participate Texas SB 9
PASS Survey Opt-Out All Grades Students WILL participate PASS Parent Guide