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Plan Your Path

In Joshua ISD, 8th grade students are enrolled in a course called Plan Your Path. The purpose of the Plan Your Path course is to introduce students to the world of post-secondary readiness. While enrolled in the Plan Your Path course, students will take assessments that measure their interests & aptitudes & match students with possible career options. Using that information, students will map their 4-year plan, a state required graduation plan for students that focuses on student's post-secondary goals. In the Spring semester of the Plan Your Path course, your student will take a field trip to Joshua High School to learn more about the endorsement pathways offered & see first-hand the options & opportunities that await them when they transition into high school.   

House Bill 5 (HB5), passed by the 83rd Texas Legislature, provides for the Foundation Graduation Plan for Texas students. This graduation plan consists of a foundation plan for every Texas student and endorsements from which students may choose. Students will choose an endorsement and will complete their endorsement during their high school career. Students may choose an endorsement from the following:

  • Arts & Humanities
  • Business & Industry
  • Public Services
  • STEM
  • Multidisciplinary Studies

Parents/Guardians play an important role in the development of a student's 4-year plan, including the selection of an endorsement. While your student is enrolled in the Plan Your Path course, we encourage you to talk to your student about their options for high school courses, possible endorsement pathways & your student's post-secondary plans. 

To learn more about endorsements & programs of study offered at Joshua High School, please visit the JISD Career & Technical Education webpage. 

Plan Your Path Timeline

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