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Social Media Community Standards & Rules of Engagement

Joshua ISD uses social media as a way to communicate about student and staff achievements as well as other important district information. By engaging in social media, we can facilitate open, two-way communication with the JISD community and extend our conversation(s) with you. We hope you engage with us, share our content, and more.  We know everyone has a voice, and we want to hear from you.  Our social media channels are managed and monitored by the Communications Department.  

The following outlines the district’s Community Standards and Rules of Engagement for participation on JISD social media sites:

  • We encourage your participation on our Facebook page and other social media sites.  We ask that you exercise civility and goodwill in your communication. Comments must be appropriate for an educational environment of all ages.
  • Comments will be limited to the topic of a specific posting made by the site administrator. Topics not introduced by the site administrator are not open for discussion on the social media page and are subject to deletion.
  • No content that is vulgar, profane, obscene, bullying, or a true threat.
  • No content that is racist, homophobic, sexist or sexually explicit, or that targets ethnic, religious, or other legally protected groups.
  • No specific allegations, personal attacks, or accusations about a student or employee.  Any comments containing personal or private information about a student or employee will be deleted. The JISD social media sites are inappropriate forums to share personal issues or concerns about a specific student or employee.  Such complaints should be directed to the campus administrator and/or through JISD Policy DGBA(LOCAL). 
  • No spam, advertisements, or links to other sites for the purpose of marketing goods or services.
  • Media personnel seeking requests or responses to questions are asked to refrain from submitting questions as comments and send questions to the JISD Communications Department through the normal channels.
  • If a comment or post violates these Community Standards and Rules of Engagement, the comment will be removed from the site, and a warning will be sent to the user.  If there is another violation, said individual will be blocked from the site.
  • JISD reserves the right to change the Community Standards and Rules of Engagement at any time without prior notification.