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Athletic Hall of Fame

Athletic HOF
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Since 2013, Joshua Independent School District has been recognizing some of their most accomplished former athletes who achieved a significant degree of success in their athletic endeavors. The Athletic Hall of Fame was established to provide outstanding role models for the students in the Joshua Independent School District. Through nominations and an Alumni Affairs Committee, one male athlete, one female athlete, one male team, and one female team have been recognized for their accomplishments and inducted into the Joshua Athletic Hall of Fame, which can be located on the second floor of the press box of the stadium.

To be considered for this honor, each individual or team must have a completed nomination form signed by the person making the nomination and have met the following requirements:

  • Graduated from Joshua ISD
  • Graduated from high school a minimum of ten years before being nominated
  • Obtained letters of recommendation supporting the individual's nomination
  • Nominations must be postmarked by April 1st for consideration

If you are interested in nominating a person for the Athletic Hall of Fame, please fill out this HOF Nomination Form.

Joshua ISD is continuously collecting memorabilia from the past. This memorabilia will be displayed as part of the Joshua ISD Athletic Hall of Fame on the 2nd floor of the press box. If you have any memorabilia that you would like to donate, please contact the Joshua ISD Administration Office at 817-202-2500 ext. 1000.

Class of 2013

Male Athlete-Bud Miller

Female Athlete-Casi Florida Chatman

Male Team-1956 Football Team

Female Team-1981 Volleyball Team

Class of 2014

Male Athlete-Charles Cramer

Female Athlete-Andrea Lowe Eichel

Male Team-1952 Football Team

Female Team-1957-58 Lady Owls Basketball Team

Class of 2015

Male Athlete-Bill Payne

Female Athlete-Kelly Rambo Persons

Male Team-1968-69 Owls Basketball Team

Female Team-1974-75 Lady Owls Basketball Team

Class of 2016

Male Athlete-Colton Turner

Female Athlete-Sharon Roden Smith

Male Team-1948-49 Owls Basketball Team

Female Team-1968 Volleyball Team

Class of 2017

Male Athlete-Jaime Perez

Female Athlete-Jennifer Davidson

Male Team-1956 Baseball Team

Female Team-2007-08 Softball Team

Class of 2018

Male Athlete-Tim Lowe

Female Athlete-Elizabeth Dominguez Williams

Male Team-1970 Football Team

Female Team-2013 Lady Owl Soccer Team

Class of 2019

Individual Athlete-Michael Snapp

Team-1996 Football Team

Class of 2020-No Induction due to COVID-19

Class of 2021

Individual Athlete-Jordan Allen

Team-1982 Owls Basketball Team