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Proposed Projects

Proposition A | Keep Up With Growth | $63.1M

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The district is growing and its elementary and middle schools are at or near capacity, which means every seat in every classroom is full. Proposition A constructs a new elementary school and an addition to Nichols Middle School to have more classrooms for growth.

The new elementary school would be built to the district’s new standards for energy efficiency, safety and security, and modern learning spaces. The new 92,500 square-foot elementary school would be located in the Panchasarp Farms subdivision located behind the QuikTrip on 174. 

The 13,500 square-foot addition to Nichols Middle School would include: ten additional classrooms along with a science lab to increase the campus capacity to 1,000 students.

JISD is projected to add nearly 1,500 students in the next 10 years. Currently, there are 21 actively building subdivisions and 17 future subdivisions in the planning stages. A.G. Elder Elementary School and North Joshua Elementary School are already at or past max capacity as of the fall 2023 semester. Caddo Grove Elementary is nearing capacity and is past its estimated enrollment for the 2023-24 school year (635 students).

Enrollment Growth in JISD Graphic

Proposition B | JHS Cafeteria and Kitchen Renovation & Expansion | $8.9M

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Proposition B would include renovation and expansion updates to the cafeteria and kitchen at Joshua High School.

  • The current cafeteria at the high school was built in 1983 and has multiple levels in the dining area and kitchen, creating restrictions for the number of students that can eat during each of the school’s three lunch periods. The cafeteria can only hold up to 400 students during each lunch period and is near capacity, creating long lines and safety concerns.
  • The updates to the kitchen would include electrical, mechanical and plumbing infrastructure and modern equipment.
  • The kitchen area has two levels which poses a potential safety risk for cafeteria workers as they transport food and other supplies up and down a ramp that connects the different levels.

JHS Cafeteria

Proposition C | CTE Renovation & Expansion at Joshua High School - $29.5M

Proposition C includes a 26,000 square-foot renovation and a 31,000 square-foot addition of the Career and Technical Education facility at Joshua High School. 

Some CTE classes are offered in the main portion of JHS. By adding space in the CTE wing, this would allow all CTE classes to be offered in one location. This would free up classroom space in the main portion for core classes such as science, English, math and history. Currently, JHS does not have any available classroom space available for growth. 

CTE classes are courses offering technical knowledge and skills needed to prepare students for further education and careers in current or emerging professions. The demand for jobs in CTE is increasing. CTE students typically graduate high school with certifications in their field and/or college credits.

  • Culinary Arts - Program is currently at capacity. Expand and renovate the current space to accommodate growth of the program and create a cafe space where the students can simulate a working environment. Relocate and update the two residential kitchens to commercial kitchens.

  • Cosmetology - Program is currently at capacity. Expand and renovate to accommodate growth of the program. Create a Salon with a private entrance to increase security of the school.

  • Health Science - Update and expand lab spaces to current needs of the program.

  • Business, Marketing, and Finance - Move classrooms to CTE building, update equipment. 

  • Computer Science - Move to CTE building and expand due to program growth including update equipment. 

  • Construction Technology -  Program is currently at capacity.  Add additional classroom space and renovate labs to ensure equipment meets industry standards and safety of students. 

  • Education - Move 2 classrooms to the CTE building. Create a simulated classroom space. 

  • Arts, A/V, Technology and Communications - Move to CTE building and expand to create specific lab and studio spaces including updating equipment to industry standard. 

  • Engineering - Move to CTE building and expand to create specific lab space.

  • Criminal Justice - Move Forensics to CTE building and add a Forensics lab and evidence room. Plan for future Criminal Justice Pathway by including additional lab and classroom spaces. 

Our current Career & Technical Education facilities are 20 years old and were constructed as part of a renovation to Joshua High School in 2003. The lab and classroom spaces do not meet industry standards for square footage, safety features, ventilation, and storage of materials. Tools and equipment are outdated or broken. Currently, many CTE classrooms at JHS lack adequate space required for specialized programs. Thus, creating safety concerns and limiting enrollment for students pursuing a specialized career pathway.  

  • The culinary classroom does not have adequate site lines to all areas of the classroom creating safety concerns for the teacher. 

  • Two CTE classrooms can only be accessed through another classroom.

  • One construction lab does not have an attached classroom and lacks proper ventilation. 


Proposition D | District-Wide Upgrades | $4.7M

Included in Proposition D is HVAC replacements, paving improvements at multiple campuses and safety and security upgrades.

  • Current HVAC systems average 20-25 years of age and are past their useful life at several sites across the district. Some school sites contain 30 year old units. The district has 360 units that should be replaced. Many parts are starting to fail and require the manufacturer to construct these outdated replacements which are no longer available. 

  • Due to shifting in the ground, the parking and paving around Loflin Middle School and Caddo Grove Elementary is significantly cracked and needs new concrete.

  • The bond proposal would include a fire alarm replacement allowance and new PA systems and security cameras.