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Financial Impact

If all propositions were approved, the estimated impact for an average-priced home in Joshua ISD would be $25.67 per month. This would be a 17.03 cent increase to the I&S tax rate. 

Bond 2024 Financial Impact


As long as current homeowners ages 65 and over have applied for and received the Over 65 Homestead Exemption, they will not be impacted by the passage of this bond. Their school taxes will not go above the frozen levy amount/ceiling that was established when the Over 65 exemption was granted (unless improvements or additions are made to the residence). To have your school taxes frozen, you must file a homestead application with the appropriate appraisal district and be granted the Over 65 exemption.

Delaying 2024 Bond


Delaying implementation of the bond program exposes the District to escalating construction costs, which are expected to increase the total cost of the proposed bond projects by an additional estimate of 12% or $13 million in the next year and each subsequent year.