• Welcome to Mr. Clark's Ag Science Webpage

    Name:  Greg Clark

    Email Address:  clarkg@joshuaisd.org

    Phone Number:   817-202-2500

    Extension:   1368

    Conference Time:   1:37 pm - 2:18 pm



    Education Foundation Grant Recipient


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    Class Supply List:                               

    1. Positive Attitude                             
    2. Willingness to Learn                      
    3. Writing Utensil                               
    4. 1 inch 3-Ring Binder                      



    Class Schedule:

    2nd, 3rd, 4th, & 5th periods - Advanced Animal Science
    7th & 8th periods - Livestock Production
    1st Period - Project Check Period
    6th Period - Conference 


    Class Rules:

    1. RESPECT - Give it, get it.
    2. Be on time.
    3. No food, gum, or drink. Water in a clear bottle is allowed.
    4. No cell phones or other electronic devices.
    5. LEARN each and every day.